Sunday, August 28, 2011

As much as I love setting trends, I love following them too...

So my morning routine includes waking up around 7:30am and checking my email on my iphone ... after deleting about five monotonous emails from Bath & Body Works I was delighted to see an update from one of my favorite fashion sites  The latest trend report (see above) read: POLKA DOTS...  needless to say I was thrilled!  I am a big fan of the print and love mixing it into my wardrobe. It is so classic yet playful.  If you are inspired, try finding the print in pieces like a top or a romper and then layering it with a neutral or even a colored solid.  A safe and stylish route to go is pairing the black and white print with red shoes, accessories, or even some red lips.

Got to love the pretty polka dot trend! 
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