Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY | Chicken Wire Frames

DIY: Chicken Wire Frames

Seven Simple Steps:
Frame Construction
1. Attach the four corners of the pre-grooved stretcher strips. I added a touch of wood glue to each of the corners for reinforcement.
2. For additional ornamental detail I added wood appliques to each of the corners and attached them with the wood glue.   
3. For the paint cover I used a gold metallic spray paint - it took two coats.
Chicken Wire Attachment
4. Turning the frame to the back, lay the chicken wire flush on the frame.    
5. Attach the chicken wire by stapling along the edge if the frame. 
6. By using the wire cutters, trim the excess wire netting. 
Hanging Information
7. I used Command strips to attach my frames to the wall, however you could use any other method(nails or screws). Attach photos, prints or jewelry to the frame with clothes pins or by simply tucking it into the wire. 

Enjoy your new frames and your Wednesday!
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