Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY | Ruffled Lace Pillows

DIY: Layered Lace Pillow

Six Simple Steps:
Pillow Base
1. Seam rip the BLADVASS pillowcases in half - you are only going to use the back pieces. You can save the other halves for another project!
2. Layout the KNOPPA flat sheet and cut out two rectangles(use the BLADVASS patterned pieces as your sizing guide).
Ruffle Prep
3. Cut 10 strips measuring approximately 25" x 4" out of the remaining KNOPPA flat sheet and the scrap lace. I cut 6 strips from the flat sheet and 4 lace strips, but obviously you can switch these out and/or choose different layering materials. 
4. Attach the 10 strips to the white pieces you cut out in Step 2 - START AT THE BOTTOM(trust me). Alternate the lace and the solid fabric to keep the pillow uniform. 
5. With the finished sides together(patterned side & ruffled side touching), sew the three sides together.
6. Slip the pillow form in and VOILA you're done!

Happy Sewing Sunday!
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