Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple Smoothies

I love smoothies & with many of my favorite fruits coming into season they are a perfect meal substitute or healthy snack. Eliminating all the fuss... and making them even quicker to whip up, here are a few steps that make smoothies simple.

1. The key is in the prep. In this batch I made strawberry & bananas smoothies, but you can totally add any other fruit or veggie(try a little spinach for extra nutrients). After slicing all the fruit add the bite size pieces to an ice tray.

2. Pour water over the fruit in the ice tray & pop them in the freezer!

3. After the fruit cubes freeze - you're ready to roll! Add the cubes to a blender(I used 5 cubes) & pour in about half a cup of your favorite juice or yogurt for creamier smoothies. I used OJ but grapefruit & cranberry juice are also amazing! Blend & enjoy!

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