Friday, December 27, 2013

DIY | Paper Stars

Alright so this post is a tad late...
But, how pretty are these paper stars?!
I used them to top presents & on the tree.  
However, I think they are the perfect transition (Christmas to New Years) decoration. You could string them up & use them as garland or just place them around food platters on a party table.  Check out the "how-to" dets below:

Start with a square piece of paper (any size).  Fold four times. Twice in half & twice diagonally. 

Keep folding until you have all these creases.

Mark & cut up to the center point of the four central folds - 
not the diagonal lines(or corner lines).

Fold the cuts back towards the pre-folded (diagonal) line to make four points. 

Glue one side of the folded triangle & adhere to the other piece forming a cone.  I was able to slip my middle finger inside the cone & press both pieces of paper together. Repeat, making all four points into cones. 

Here is one side of the final star.  You will need two of these pieces to complete it.  I chose two different colored papers for the back & front of my star.

Once you have completed the second piece you can assemble the final star.  Put some glue on the inside of one of the pieces (near the central hole) & press pieces together. You can glue the star to have four points or eight.  I prefer the eight points.  Let dry & you're all done!!

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